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Top 5 spots for Fall Colors!

Top 5 spots for Fall Colors!

Even, in the dead of summer, a strong breeze or a cool morning can instantly transport me to fall.

I am incredibly spoiled living in a place that has such beautiful fall foliage. So, when I have heard several readers from other parts of the country say that they have never seen the beauty for themselves, I felt sad. Everyone needs to see the fall colors at least once, so I have compiled a list of 5 places to visit to see the fall colors.

Top 5 Spots to see Fall Colors

Top 5 Spots for Fall Colors

Bernhiem Forest, Kentucky.

Fall at Bernhiem

Bernhiem Forest is located in Clearmont, Kentucky a little town just outside of Bardstown Kentucky. The entrance to the forest is located almost directly across the street from the Four Roses Bourbon Distillery, bourbon and fall colors go really well together! The forest is open year round with over 35 miles of trails to explore ranging from novice to advanced.

In mid-October, their annual celebration of the fall colors takes place with pumpkin slingshots, a hay maze, and a hayride that allows visitors to sit back and enjoy the beautiful colors of the season. You can find more information here.

Asheville, North Carolina.

The people of Asheville are serious about their fall colors! ExploreAsheville even has a weekly fall color report on their website. The Biltmore Estate is a fantastic place to visit no matter the time of the year, but when the beauty of the fall colors are added to the mix it is breathtaking!

Acadia National Park, Maine.

With amazingly rugged coast line views and breathtaking backdrops all year long, naturally it becomes even more beautiful in the fall. Not only is the park the perfect place for sightseeing but if your family enjoys camping there is an abundance of camping options in the park!

Big Bear Lake, California. 

Big Bear Lake California

The fall colors aren’t exclusive to the east coast, there are some fantastic destinations on the West Coast. The key is knowing where to look! When you visit Big Bear Lake be sure to hike the northern side of the lake so that you are sure to catch the most vibrant colors.

Stowe, Vermont.

The town of Stowe has unofficially given themselves the name of the Fall’s Color Capital. Want to read more about Stowe? Check out this post about the town!

Where do you and your family go to see the fall colors?

If you love fall colors as much as we do, you've got to take a look at our Top 5 Spots for Fall Color