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Unique hotels and places to stay in all 50 States.

Unique hotels and places to stay in all 50 States.

There is something magical about going on vacation. Sleeping away from home, with no commitments or stresses, while experiencing new adventures (or sometimes, old but well loved adventures) always feels like a treat. Nothing is better than getting away from the day to day grind. 

There are lots of places to stay on vacation. There is no limit of hotels and motels where you can lay your head. We know all the big names: Best Western, Hilton, Hyatt, Motel 6, etc. But what if you want your stay to be just as much a part of your vacation as the activities you choose? What I mean is, what if where you stay is almost a vacation itself? 

We have searched the internet far and wide for the most unusual, unique and interesting places across the country where you can stay overnight. We are going to break them down by state and there were a couple of requirements we had: first, it had to be able to accommodate at least a family of four. Second, it had to have something about it that made it special (no standard turn-down rooms here!). 

While we have yet to stay at many of these lodgings, they are definitely on the list of places to check out. If your family wants to REALLY experience a vacation, we’re here to help you start off right!

As we are sure you can imagine, prices will vary wildly. But, we are confident that there is something for everyone on this list!


Clear Creek Cove RV Resort has more than just hookups for RVs. Located in Talladega, Clear Creek Cove also offers yurts for rent. Yurts are circular huts, usually with an open roof. The yurts at Clear Creek Cove can sleep up to six and have all the amenities. Plus, guests have access to the lake beach and the boat docks. Yurts start at $99.00 per night.


Aurora Express is a bed and breakfast experience not to pass up. Located in Fairbanks, Aurora Express has renovated several train cars into luxury suites. The “National Emblem” and the “Arlene” suites can both sleep up to four guests. Both have private bathrooms and sitting areas. Rates for these cars are $248.00 for four guests.


The Geo Dome in Sedona is amazing. With modern amenities and room for up to six, the “Dome Home” has gorgeous views of the red rock landscape. The geodesic shape is unique and a wall of windows allows for nature viewing at its finest. Rates are about $390.00 per night and there is a three-night minimum stay. 

Stay in a Navajo Hogan at the Spider Rock Campground. Part of the Navajo Nation in Chinle, Spider Rock Campground is part of the Canyon De Chelly National Monument. A hogan is a traditional Navajo dwelling made of natural materials. Rates for a hogan (of which there are three of various sizes on property) vary by season, and you will need to call to reserve.


Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge, in Eureka Springs, offers several family lodging options. Our choices are either “Bam Bam’s Bungalow” or “Tigris Tent”. Both of these options are great for ‘glamping’ as they feature a mini-fridge and microwave, as well as Wi-Fi. A stay at the Refuge earns you admission tickets to the refuge for each person in your party and two trolley tickets. The base rate for these tents are $125.00 per night for two people, with each additional person being $20.00. Therefore, the cost for a family of four would be $165.00 per night.

If you have a large family, or just want to have a getaway with close friends, the Beckham Creek Cave Lodge has room. Located near Parthenon, Beckham Creek Cave has room enough for 12. There is a waterfall in the living room and stalactites in the master bedroom. Yep, stalactites. It is a cave, after all. As such, make sure to bring some comfortable clothes as the cavern stays at a pretty consistent temperature. Nightly rates start at $1200.00. 


If your family doesn’t mind a small hike and providing the essentials, the Black Mountain Lookout near Milford might be your kind of stay. Part of the Plumas National Forest, the Lookout has beautiful views on all sides. You will need to bring your own food and linens, and there is no water, so make sure you bring plenty for drinking AND anything else for which you would need it. Fees to stay at the Lookout are $60.00 per night.

Probably one of the most popular lodging and tourist attractions in California,  The Queen Mary has quite the story behind her. Part hotel, part museum, and part ghost ship (supposedly), The Queen Mary is a luxury stay on the water. With suites and staterooms available, you are sure to find something that fits your family. Also, don’t worry about getting seasick; the Queen Mary remains docked in Long Beach. A family stateroom can be as low as $144.00 per night.


Drive-in movies are the quintessential throwback to a bygone era. Watching a movie on a big screen from your car has its own allure. So, what’s a step up from watching from your car? Watching from your hotel room! The Best Western Movie Manor in Monte Vista shares property with a drive-in movie theatre. Some rooms you can lie in bed and see the screen, while other rooms you are going to have to pull up a chair to the window to get a good view. Plus, they offer a complimentary full breakfast in the morning. Rates at the Movie Manor can be as low as $76.49 per night. 

Surely, you have heard of a ‘tiny house’. Well, imagine a whole resort of tiny houses. Yes, it’s adorable. WeeCasa in Lyons has a whole slew of mini lodges on their property. Some sleep two, while others can sleep up to six people. Each has its own character and feature kitchenettes and private indoor bathrooms. You will be amazed at how much room is in a small space!

If you are looking for some rugged adventure combined with luxury, a stay at Rawah Ranch is your answer. Located in Glendevey and situated along the Big Laramie River, Rawah Ranch is the perfect getaway. We have actually stayed at Rawah Ranch and we were blown away. With several cabins on property in which to lay your weary head, Rawah Ranch offers the best of both worlds. Your stay is all-inclusive and includes meals and activities. Now, this is one of the more expensive stays on our list, but the value is there. For a family of four, rates can be as low as $3,010 per night. If you would like to know more about a stay at Rawah and everything that is included, check out our post “Fall in Love with Rawah Ranch”. 


To put it bluntly, Winivan’s cottages are something else. It’s not everyday you find a cottage with a helicopter as the living area! There is also a log cabin, a treehouse, and the ‘Maritime” (which resembles a lighthouse). Each cottage has its own look and theme. Located in Litchfield Hills, a stay at Winivan Farm is a relaxing retreat. Cottage rates are seasonal and start at $699.00 per night. 


Delaware State Parks has two parks which have yurts available for camping. Lums Pond and Trap Pond State Parks offer yurts that can hold up to 5 guests. You will have to bring some supplies though; you will need linens, cooking supplies, small appliances, and personal items. Rates vary by season, but start as low as $40.00 per night. 


If you are looking for someplace SUPER different, check out Jules’ Undersea Lodge in Key Largo. Yes, undersea. You have to SCUBA to get to your room. Aside from that, the accommodations aren’t exceptionally fancy. There’s a bed, a common area with television and cooking area, porthole windows where you can view the underwater creatures…..wait, what? That’s right. Your room will have its own port window which will allow you to watch what goes on under the water. For reservations and rate information, you will have to call or email.

There are a couple of different options for lodging at Trail Lakes Campground in Ochopee. There is camping available, of course, and your standard cabins. Then there are Chickee huts. Pedastled, thatch-roofed huts with natural views, chickee huts are a new kind of ‘glamping’. Rates for chickee huts begin at $179.00 per night.

Obviously, we are going to mention the accommodations at the Walt Disney World Resort. Walt Disney World really brings the magic to each of their resort hotels. No matter which resort you choose to stay at, the decor and staff will purely reflect the theme. Sometimes, you even forget that you are in the middle of Florida. There are also perks to staying in an on-property resort. You can either book your stay online or by phone.

Another great themed resort hotel is the Legoland Florida Resort in Winter Haven. A world of bricks awaits you when you stay here; even the building looks like it has been built out of the little plastic pieces. Every room has a separate themed sleeping area for the kids, so they can really be immersed in the fun. Located right next to the LEGOLAND Theme Park, this hotel will really take your vacation to the next level. Make reservations online or by phone. 


Nestled in Helen, Unicoi State Park offers a unique cabin choice: large wine barrels. These interesting cabins come with a full kitchen, bathroom, and heating/air conditioning. With woodland surroundings and plenty of activities available, a wine barrel cabin offers a new way to stay. Rates start at $149.00 per night.


Hawaii itself is a beautiful vacation. No matter where you stay, you will have gorgeous views and be immersed in the culture of its people. But we are here discussing unique stays, and the Tsugi Teahouse in Volcano fits the bill. Minutes from Volcano National Park and situated amongst native plants, the Teahouse evokes the feeling of a Japanese getaway. With modern amenities and a great location, this little house can’t be beat. 


This hotel in Cottonwood has gone to the dogs….or at least, it looks that way. Modeled as a beagle and its pup, The Dog Bark Park Inn has a queen bed and two twin futons available. There is also a microwave and mini fridge, as well as a continental breakfast each morning. A family of four can stay at the inn for $156.00 per night.


Here’s a new one for the kids: instead of riding the bus, how about sleeping overnight on the bus? This school bus home in Golconda is solar powered and is outfitted with a small kitchen. The bathroom is outdoors though, so be prepared. Plus, it is right next to a lake and not far from Shawnee National Forest. Rates start at $55.00 per night.


While the rooms are super nice, the real draw to the West Baden Springs Hotel is what is OUTSIDE the guest rooms. Walk into the central atrium of the hotel and be blown away. Kids will love looking around the large, domed hall. Outside the hotel is also a really neat garden and a trolley that can take you to nearby French Lick Resort. The hotel also has a variety of shops and dining options, plus plenty of activities for the kids. Rates can be as low as $278.00 per night.


The Art Church in Malvern is just that: a church full of art. Owned by artist Zack Jones, the art church is his studio as well. The downstairs of the church is where you will stay, but you are free to visit the upstairs space and look around. Rates for a family of four begin at $149.00 per night. 


A stay at Great Wolf Lodge in Kansas City is a great choice if you want your whole vacation in one location. Great Wolf Lodge has spacious accommodations, each themed with lodge-style furniture. Another perk of Great Wolf Lodge: a waterpark! An overnight stay at Great Wolf Lodge gives you access to at least two days of play in the water park, plus there are all kinds of activities throughout the day to keep every kid entertained and happy. Rates for Great Wolf Lodge start at $149.00 per night.


Nestled amongst the trees in the Red River Gorge area of Stanton, The Observatory Treehouse is best suited for those with older kids (think tweens and teens). With ship ladders and floating walkways linking you to the different parts of the cabin, this is definitely a cool treehouse adventure with some breathtaking views. You will need to bring your own linens (for both bed and bath) and food. Rates start at $249.00 per night. 

The Wigwam Village Motel No. 2 in Cave City is a rare find. One of the few Wigwam Villages left in the country, you will get a chance to stay in concrete wigwam. Each wigwam has its own small bathroom and includes a television and internet access. Your kids will talk for days about their wigwam adventure. You will have to contact Wigwam Village for rates and availability. 


If you are staying in Louisiana, you might want to get a little wild. No, not New Orleans wild, nature wild. Wildlife Gardens in Gibson lets you experience the bayou from a nice little cabin. Each cabin has a screened in porch and a hardy breakfast is provided. You can also choose to take a self guided tour of the Wildlife Gardens and tour an alligator farm. A family of four can stay overnight for just $121.00 per night. 


Sitting along the coast in Lincolnville, Glenmoor By The Sea is the quintessential New England stay. While they have several different lodging options throughout the property, an oceanfront or oceanview stay in one of the lower cottages is our top pick. Sit out on your deck and take in the ocean or play on the private rocky beach. A continental breakfast is served each morning as well. Stays in the lower cottages start at $239.00 per night.

Take ‘glamping’ to the next level at Terramor. A stay in the Alder Tent will give you plenty of room to spread out (it can sleep up to five), but still let you spend quality time together. Located in Bar Harbor and minutes from Acadia National Park, Terramor prides itself on luxury. There is also an on-site restaurant, so you can grab a bite without having to go too far. Rates vary by season, so call or reserve online to check.

Get on the water in Georgetown and rent a moored houseboat. Riggs Cove Rentals has houseboats that can hold up to five guests. Houseboats come with a bathroom, small stove, fridge, and outdoor grill. There are also two kayaks provided if you wish to get further out on the water. Rates are as low as $270.00 per night.


Though there are several lodging options at The Treehouse Camp in Rohrersville, the Hobbit House caught our eye. Since most of the house is underground, it stays at a constant temperature all year long. Situated in a nice wooded area, you will feel like you are staying right in the Shires of Middle Earth. A stay for up to four people is only $140.00 per night. 


The Liberty Hotel in Boston is visually stunning inside. Formerly a jail, the Liberty Hotel has retained its history, but has also reinvented itself. This is definitely one that the kids will want to explore every inch! Rates vary, so call or reserve online to check your dates.


This stone cottage in Charlevoix is so cool! The Half House has enough room for four guests plus plenty of amenities. Sitting right on Lake Michigan, Half House provides gorgeous views and lots of activities for the whole family. Rates start at $125.00 per night. 


Northern Rail in Two Harbors lets you sleep in a train boxcar for the night. Each boxcar is themed and includes a continental breakfast. There is also a lending library available, chock full of books, games, and DVDs, just in case you want to stay in for a while. Rates are seasonal (summer and winter) and start as low as $92.00 per night.


Growing up, many of us had the opportunity to attend summer camp. Staying in a cabin, participating in camp activities, and enjoying the outdoors were all part of the package. You can relive that memory with your own family with a visit to Yogi Bear’s Jellystone Park in Pelahatchie. Choose a Yogi Bear or Cindy Bear cabin and snuggle in. You will need to bring your own bed linens and groceries. There are plenty of on-site activities to engage every member of your family. Rates for Yogi cabins start at $189.00 per night and Cindy cabins start at $149.00 per night. 


Sleep among the trees in one of these Treehouse Cabins. Cabins are roomy and feature plenty of amenities. Located in Dora, you will be immersed in the beauty of the Ozarks and will enjoy all that Southern Missouri has to offer. Cabins for up to four guests start at $198.00 per day, with a two day minimum stay. 


The Resort at Paws Up in Greenough is the perfect glamping experience. These luxury tents situated on a massive ranch provide the perfect balance of high-style lodging and rustic simplicity. Meal and snacks, as well as a vast array of activities, are included with a nightly stay. Rates vary based on season, with the lowest rates occurring in September; rates can be as low as $2030.00 per night. 

If you plan on taking in nearby Yellowstone Park, then a stay in this modified Airstream in Livingston should be your relaxation spot. With enough room for four and a bathroom and kitchen available, you will be surprised at the roominess of the trailer. There is also an outside deck and hot tub where you can sit and enjoy the scenery. Rates are as low as $279.00 per night. 


In Brewster, you will find Uncle Buck’s Lodge. While the rooms at the lodge are comfortable, they give off a standard hotel room vibe. What makes Uncle Buck’s different is that it is a working cattle ranch. That’s right, you will round up the cattle, rope some steers, and help around the ranch. It’s not all work and no play, though. There are lots of other activities to enjoy on and around the ranch. Rate information wasn’t available, so you will need to contact by phone or email for reservations. 


When looking for unusual, unique hotels in Nevada, the first place that came to mind was Las Vegas. Contrary to popular belief, Las Vegas can make for a great family vacation. But we are here to talk lodging, and Vegas has a ton of it. On-Strip or off-Strip, a hotel stay in Las Vegas can be a whole lot of fun. Some great ones for families include Circus, Circus, Excalibur, and the Luxor. Every hotel has its own amenities and activities, so choosing something that fits your family should be a breeze.

If you have a little prince or princess in your life, a trip to Austin may be in order. Sitting on the lands of Paradise Ranch is the Paradise Ranch Castle. The Castle has free WiFi and a rec room to keep you entertained, as well as a hot breakfast in the morning. The big draw at the Castle is the view from the rooftop; take in the beautiful views of the Toiyabe Mountains and the Reese River Valley. Reservation requests can be made online or by phone.

New Hampshire

If you are interested in being fully immersed in your hotel experience, Adventure Suites may be calling your name. With dozens of rooms themed in everything from “The Wolf Den” to the “Haunted Castle”, you (and your family) won’t even feel like you are staying the night in a hotel. They have completely decked out the rooms to fit their chosen theme, including an oyster bed in the “Deserted Island” Suite. Rates vary by season, as well as weekday/weekend rates. Check online for rates for your desired dates. 

New Jersey

Between the 1950’s and 1970’s, family road trips were all too common. A week or two was devoted to hopping in the car and traveling the country. Along the way, motor inns and hotels were the perfect stopping point to take a break from the road and stretch. The StarLux in Wildwood is a true throwback to those days, but with a modern twist. The all-glass lobby reminds one of a time when the ‘futuristic’ look was all the rage and the in-room furnishings may remind you of grandma’s place. Just a short walk away from the beach, the hotel provides complimentary beach cruisers and beach gear. Check with the hotel for rates and availability.

New Mexico

Overlooking the La Plata River in Farmington, Kokopelli’s Cave is really a cave. Blasted out of the surrounding sandstone, the Cave has a master bedroom, living room, full kitchen and bathroom. Getting to the Cave is a bit of a walk, with a sloping path and steps. Make sure you pack plenty of comfy clothing since the temperature stays comfortably cool year round. Check with the hotel or on the website for availability and rate information. 

New York

Spend a night at The Roxbury….The Roxbury Hotel, that is. Located in the Catskills town of Roxbury, the Hotel is the definition of fun. With rooms and cottages to choose from, your family will find the perfect stay. Check out the Tower Cottages, which are whimsical buildings with their own personalities. The Hotel’s rooms are fun as well, with bright colors and fun designs. There are also themed rooms available. Rooms start as low as $139.00 and cottages start at $500.00 per night.

North Carolina

This eight-person Dome in Asheville will be a delight to both adults and kids alike. With a wall full of windows and plenty of room to spread out, this is definitely a new way to stay. Plus, did I mention there is a slide? Yep, there is a slide from the loft bedroom to the main floor. Now that’s something different! Rates start as low as $300.00 per night.

Located in Kinston, The O’Neil is housed in a former bank. The lobby has retained its bank history, including the original vault and door. Rooms at The O’Neil each have their own character, but the room that really caught our eye was the one with bunk beds…in a small vault! It will surely make the kids feel like they have their own little spot. Check with the hotel or book online for availability and rates. 

North Dakota

While exploring Regent, you may come across the Enchanted Castle. This hotel’s outside and common areas are fit for royalty. While the rooms don’t necessarily follow the motif as strictly, they certainly aren’t dungeons. There is an on-site tavern and steakhouse along with plenty of other amenities. Contact the hotel for rates and availability. 


If you are in the Cleveland area, you can always stay with the Parker’s or the Bumpus’. A Christmas Story House and Museum is the actual home from everyone’s favorite Christmas film. You can stay the night in Ralphie’s house (which is also a museum dedicated to the movie) or next door at the Bumpus’, without the smelly hound dogs. Teach your kids all about Lifebuoy soap and leg lamps. Just don’t shoot your eye out, kid. Rates for the Parker house start at $395.00 per night and a night at the neighbors starts at $195.00 per night.

Among the Trees Lodging in Hocking Hills has a few different treehouse options available. The Maple View Tree House overlooks a wooded ravine, making you feel like you are in a floating abode. You have to traverse a cable bridge to get to the house and there is plenty of room to get comfortable. The Buckeye Barn Tree House looks like a barn hiding amongst the trees. This also has a swinging bridge to get you to the cabin and has all the amenities to make any stay complete. Kiddos must be at least 5 years old to stay in the treehouses. Rates are as low as $220.00 per night. 

Get a unique experience in the middle of Ohio by enjoying WildNights at the Outpost. Located at The Wilds near Columbus, WildNights allows you to sleep under the stars and among the animals. Your tent and food will be provided, you just need to bring your sleeping bags and binoculars! Children must be 5 years old and up to stay. A stay in a tent for up to 6 guests is $600.00 and includes grocery items for both dinner (so you can cook out on the grill) and breakfast. 


The Floating Cabins on Lake Murray in Ardmore offer several different accommodation sizes. The cottages and pods can hold up to 6 guests and have all the amenities of home. Watching the sunrises and sunsets from your cabin on the water will be the perfect, peaceful time to reflect with your family. Rates start as low as $190.00 per night. 

Rock around the clock at the Happy Days Hotel in McAlester. While the outside looks like your normal, modern hotel, the inside is 50’s retro cool. With room decor dedicated to everything 1950’s and an on-site soda fountain, you will feel as though you have travelled back to a simpler time. Rates for a room for 4 start at $158.00 and include breakfast. 


This Dome House in Otter Rock will be a hit with the family. It has plenty of room and windows all around to let in copious amounts of light. Just steps away from the beach, this house even has an outdoor shower so you don’t have to worry about tracking in sand after a day of play. The stunning views and open feel of the house will make you feel like there aren’t walls separating you from the outside. Rates can be as low as $115.00 per night and there is a 3 night minimum stay. 


If there is a train lover in your family, you might want to book a stay at the Red Caboose Motel in Ronks. The Red Caboose Motel is home to 38 refurbished cabooses, each with refrigerators, microwaves, and private bathrooms. Rates are as low as $115.00 per night and there is also an on-site restaurant. 

Getting rollin’ on the river in Lancaster! Well, not really, but you will feel like you are if you stay at the Fulton Steamboat Inn. On the outside, this hotel recalls the steamboats of yesteryear, when that was the primary form of travel. Why in Lancaster, you ask? Robert Fulton, who is credited with the invention of the steamboat, was born nearby. With three decks of rooms, an on-site restaurant, and plenty of surrounding attractions and things to do, the Fulton Steamboat Inn is a must-stay hotel. Rates vary and can be as low as $89.95 per night. 

Rhode Island

Get out on the water in Providence when you rent this Houseboat. Right in downtown Providence, the ‘Brasil’ has all the amenities of home packed right onto a boat. There are two bedrooms and two bathrooms, and a kitchen area. The marina is also home to plenty of entertainment for your family to enjoy. Rates start at $195.00 per night. 

South Carolina

If you have older kiddos, the overnight experience from Canoe Heritage Outfitters is sure to delight them. Book a treehouse experience and get a canoe experience as well. You will canoe the Edisto River to your treehouse and then canoe back when you finally are ready to check out. These treehouses are ‘off-the-grid’ and have no excessive amenities. This is truly a once in a lifetime adventure. Rates vary by day, as well as by length of stay. Weekday stays are $160.00 per adult and $130.00 per child for the first night. 

Have a little fun at the South of the Border Motor Inn in Hamer. While the accommodations are standard fare, the atmosphere is anything but standard. There is a sombrero-topped observation tower, a small amusement park for kids, and a reptile zoo. There are also on-site dining and shopping options. You may want to stay a couple of nights at this one. Rates start as low as $65.00 per night. 

South Dakota

Laura Ingalls Wilder wrote ‘The Little House on the Prairie’ series about her childhood and young adult life. Her preteen and young adult years were spent in the town of De Smet, where her father had planted roots and helped the town grow and thrive. De Smet is now home to the  Ingalls Homestead. For $60.00 per night, your family can spend the night in a covered wagon and pretend that you are on your way to new adventures. The Homestead also has an admission charge of $15 per person (5 and older), which includes all activities and wagon rides. This is not a per day charge, you only have to pay admission once. 


While The Peabody in Memphis is a gorgeous hotel with wonderful amenities, it just seems like your standard hotel. That is until the ducks come out. Yes, ducks…five of them to be exact. These feathered friends take a little jaunt through the lobby twice a day to visit the fountain in the lobby for a refreshing swim. This little treat is sure to delight young and old alike and is quite a popular show. Room rates are reasonable as well, with a double room starting at $199.00 per night. 

Hales Bar Marina and Resort in Guild offers floating cabins as a lodging choice, which has become very popular. These little cabins let you stay right in the marina and wake up on the water. With plenty of amenities and a great view, your family is sure to find this stay a treat. Rates vary by season and start as low as $99.00 per night. If you would like to know even more about the floating cabins, check out Allison’s post ‘Get Away to a Floating Cabin in Tennessee’


Going on a safari in Johnson City may seem a little unusual, but you can at the Exotic Resort Zoo. The Zoo has Safari Cabins that you can rent for an overnight stay. Wake up to views of the pasture areas and watch the animals go about their day. Cabins offer either a fridge and microwave or full kitchens. There is also an on-property general store to stock up on any other essentials you may need. Rates start as low as $150.00 per night. 

Basecamp Terlingua has plenty of different and unusual options for your stay. They have Tipis, travel trailers, lotus tents, casas, and bubbles. Our must-stay, however, is Bubble X. Bubbles are inflated units with a large, clear domed roof. The views from your Bubble at any point in the day will take your breath away. The Bubbles have heat and air conditioning, as well as full bathrooms. Rates start at $349.00 per night.

In the mood for something really new? How about a stay at Flophouze Shipping Container Hotel? Yep, you can stay the night in a decked out shipping container. These containers have it all: comfortable beds and pullouts, bathrooms, and kitchenettes. They pack a lot into these small spaces. You will also have your own deck and firepit area to enjoy. Rates for a 4-person container start at $175.00 per night.


Just a few miles from Zion National Park lies Under Canvas Zion. This luxury tent campground offers tents with amazing views and modern amenities. On-site dining and camp activities are also offered to make your stay complete. Rates start as low as $219.00 per night for a family of four (2 adults, 2 children).

The Capitol Reef Resort in Torrey offers lodge rooms as well as cabins, teepees, and wagons. Wagons can sleep up to six guests and have a separate private bathroom. Nestled among the Red Cliffs, a wagon stay will make you feel like a real Western pioneer. There are also plenty of activities to participate in and lots of memories to make. Wagon rates start at $309.00 per night. 


The hills are alive with the sound of music in Stowe, where the Trapp Family Lodge can be found. The von Trapp family was made famous by the movie musical “The Sound of Music”. After touring as a family, they settled in Stowe and opened up the Lodge. Rooms at the Lodge are spacious and comfortable and a stay at the Lodge includes plenty of activities and perks. Get immersed in the history of the von Trapp family and their homeland of Austria without ever leaving the country. Rates start as low as $200.00 per night. 


The yurt at Cair Paravel comes with a full kitchen and plenty of sleeping room. All the amenities are here, plus the kids will love going on a tour of the farm and helping take care of the animals. There is a salt water pool on property that is open to guests seasonally, as well as a year round hot tub. Rates for the yurt vary, so make sure you check with the host for rates and availability.


Sitting atop Quartz Mountain in Mount Spokane State Park, this fire lookout is definitely not for the uninitiated camper. You have to bring in all your own items and there is no electricity. There is a camp stove for heating small meals. You also will have to hike to the lookout and this stay is best for those with older kids or avid hikers. However, the views from the mountaintop more than make up for the lack of amenities. Rates for a lookout stay start at $69.00 per night.

Spend the night in a vintage travel trailer at the Sou’Wester Lodge in Seaview and sleep in comfort. All trailers come with bed and bath linens, dining and cooking utensils. Family and Deluxe trailers sleep 4-6 persons and have a kitchen, living room, and private bath. Rates vary by season and trailer. Check online for rates and availability. 

West Virginia

The Inn at Mountain Quest in Marlinton is a bed and breakfast. The 12 rooms are each uniquely themed and a buffet breakfast is included in your stay. There is an on-site Community Room providing plenty of entertainment and an indoor exercise room and sauna. Rates for the Inn start at $378.00 per night for a family of 4.  


Check out the Bayfield Boulder Ridge Tree House if you are looking for a relaxing stay. Both the inside and outside of the tree house maintain the theme of nature’s greatness. With plenty of natural light and a deck from which to enjoy the scenery, this tree house will be a favorite getaway for the whole family. Children must be 6 years or older to stay. Rates are $249.00 per night and there is a 2 night minimum. 


The K3 Guest Ranch in Cody keeps things strictly Western when it comes to accommodations. Whether you choose a themed room or a stay in a wagon, you will find yourself enjoying all that the Ranch has to offer. Included in your stay is a hearty breakfast to keep everyone energized and ready to go. Rates vary and start around $225.00 per night.

We hope you get a chance to experience one (or more) of these unique stays during your vacation. Where you stay can add just as much to your vacation as what you have planned. Have you stayed in any of these hotels/motels? Did we miss any that you just would love to share? Let us know!

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