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DIY Vacation Countdown Calendar

DIY Vacation Countdown Calendar

If your kids are anything like mine, a visual really helps them keep their questions about when we are leaving for vacation at bay.

Here’s the thing though, I am not a big fan of the vacation paper chains that my kids have made in the past. Yeah, I said it.

So, in my quest for a visual that would help with expectations, as well as something that is visually appealing, this vacation countdown calendar was born.

The best part is, this calendar can be used over and over and for a wide variety of trips. Below you will find instructions for creating your own countdown, a list of the supplies that you will need along with printables for a variety of trips that you may take.

DIY Vacation Calendar Countdown

Instructions and Materials for Vacation Countdown Calendar

Supplies you will need: 

Chalkboard –> Here’s the one we used

White Cardstock


Eye Hooks. –> Here are the eyehooks we used

Wire/Floral Wire

Chalk or Chalk Marker –> Here’s the chalk marker we used. 

Drill & Small Bit

Small Pliers/Jewelry Pliers


Mini Clothespins

Ruler or Tape Measure

Vacation Countdown Printable of Choice –> Vacation Countdown MickeyVacation Countdown Plane, Vacation Countdown Palm

Instructions for Vacation Countdown Calendar 

DIY Vacation Countdown Calendar

  • Mark spaces on either side of chalkboard for the eye hooks.
  • Drill pilot holes with small drill bit where you’ve marked.
  • Use small pliers to help turn eye hooks into place in the sides of the chalkboard.
  • Wrap wire around eye hooks to create a line across the chalkboard. Trim off excess wire.
  • Cut out the printable countdown.
  • Write out “vacation countdown” or preferred verbiage on the top of the chalkboard with chalk or chalk markers.
  • Clip countdown days to lines with mini clothespins.


  • Chalkboard spacing pictured: 3” from bottom, 6.5” from bottom, 10” from bottom, 13.5” from bottom, 17” from bottom.
  • I used 26 gauge floral wire

Looking for a crafty way to count down for your next trip? Check out our DIY Vacation Countdown Calendar! We've included printables for Disney, general and a tropical getaway!