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Visiting Lincoln’s Boyhood Home

Visiting Lincoln’s Boyhood Home

This is a guest post written by Kristina Mobley 

Growing up, I remember learning about our national history and the impact that Abraham Lincoln had. We reviewed everything from his birth to his death. So, in order to get a greater understanding, we took a day trip to a local national park – Lincoln’s Boyhood Home.

Fun fact, Lincoln grew up in southern Indiana.

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Indiana National Park: Lincoln’s Boyhood Home

When you first pull up, you notice that it’s a settlement nestled in a field surrounded by woods. Although this historical farm doesn’t have any original buildings from Lincoln’s time, it has been recreated to represent the era. Also, this National Park is on four of the original 160 acres owned by Thomas Lincoln.

If you go during good weather and reasonable seasons, like late spring, mild summer days, and early fall, you may find the staff of the Lincoln Living Historical Farm dressed up in period wear and giving demonstrations. You can watch demos, follow a park ranger led program, or just watch the staff go about the daily activities that are true to the time period. I remember watching people make linen, farm, and fix a roof. My favorite was the candle-maker.

Indiana National Memorial

In addition to the re-created homestead, there are a few trails to walk, each rooted in history. A couple of the trails go to or around the gravesite of Nancy Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln’s mother.
Whether you’re a history buff or just want to take in the beautiful scenery, I hope you enjoy this National Park as much as I did.

A visit to Lincoln's Boyhood Home!