A Guide to Wabash, Indiana

Wabash County Indiana

This summer inadvertently turned into the summer of my older son. Our family found ourselves traveling for Junior Olympic qualifying races.

While it certainly wasn’t our intent, the focus became on the training and competitions and by proxy our oldest son.

My husband and I had discussed that we really needed to make sure that we did something special for our youngest.

The Trolley in Wabash Indiana

That’s where Wabash County, Indiana comes in.

I had the opportunity to travel North of Louisville, 191 miles to be exact. To explore this little town with a whole lot of heart. And I got to bring my youngest.

Our time together was just what we needed before the scheduling insanity of the school year really ramps up into full swing.

Wabash provided the perfect opportunity to reconnect in a quaint, All-American community. Find whimsy and fun in a town that you suspect might still leave the doors to their homes unlocked.

My youngest and I arrived mid-morning on a Saturday and the streets were buzzing with activity. From a farmers market with every imaginable type of produce available for purchase to a car show happening at the opposite end of the street, there was a lot to see and do.

Where to stay in Wabash

Charley Creek Inn Wabash Indiana

The Charley Creek Inn was built in 1920 and was a luxury hotel all its own during the 20’s eventually closing and becoming an apartment building until 2007 where it was left vacant. Until, a local philanthropist, Richard Ford of Ford Meter Box purchased the building and began the renovation process.  The doors to this hotel reopened in 2011, as a boutique hotel.

As soon as I walked into the lobby I knew that my room was bound for greatness. It didn’t disappoint. Take a look at this Facebook live video I did of the room.

What to do in Wabash, Indiana:

See a concert

In a town the size of Wabash, I never expected to hear big names like Willie Nelson and Michael Bolton performing at the Honeywell Center, yet their names and more lined the walls backstage. While we were in town we were fortunate to see 1964, a tribute to the Beatles. It was the first time that my son had seen a concert, even though he was tired from our busy day exploring the town, he really enjoyed the experience.

famous names at the Honeywell Center

Go See a First Run or Throwback Movie. 

The Eagles Theater dates back to 1906 and shows first run movies on Friday and throw back movies on Mondays. The first run movies are $5 and the throw back movies at $2! So, you can actually afford to buy popcorn at the theater and don’t have to sneak it in!

Go to a drive-in movie

Yes, this is a little bit movie heavy, however, when was the last time that you got to enjoy a drive in movie with your family? Chances are it has been a while! Grab a carload of friends and go see a movie for $5!

Tour the Dr. James Ford Historic Home

This historic home highlights the life of Dr. Ford. This home has interactive exhibits on the first floor and in the carriage house. My son really enjoyed touring the home he kept telling me afterward that it was “really cool” mom. What impressed me the most was the fact that they allow school groups to tour the home free of charge.

Get Creative at Make It Your Own 

As soon as I walked through the door at Make it Your Own, I knew that I could spend more time and money than I really have. The owner, Karen instantly made you feel at home and like you are capable of creating a masterpiece while you are in her studio. She told us that whatever you feel like doing as far as art goes, she is willing to help make happen.

Places to Shop in Wabash

Wabash Indiana Shops

Wabash has two ‘main streets’ with fantastic locally owned businesses, there isn’t a chain store in sight! While we were in town, I was fortunate enough to spend some time with the owners of the stores. Getting to know the faces behind the stores was such a treat.

It was very apparent to me that the town comes out in force and supports their own.

Black Squirrel 

Sure, a run to Wal-Mart may be unavoidable, but I have a hunch that if a toy can be found at the Black Squirrel the locals will shop there first. I know I would. I picked up some playing card holders for little hands, thinking putty for my little guy to play with and a pair of cheeky socks with a phrase on them I don’t feel comfortable sharing!

Eclectic Shop 

The Eclectic Shop was one of my favorite shops in Wabash, for no other reason than the fact that Maria, the owner has poured herself into getting to know the artists that make the products they proudly sell. I bought a t-shirt there that I fell in love with, it aptly has the phrase “Wander Woman” on it!

Borders and Beyond 

This primarily a framing shop that can turn just about any piece into a buzz-worthy work of art. But, beyond the framing, they offer perfect gifts for your closest friends most of which originate from Indiana.

Extra treats in Wabash

Ice Cream and Candy ShopWabash IndianaThe Ice Cream and Candy Shoppe

This shop was wildly popular with my little guy (for obvious reason) and was located inside of the Charley Creek Inn. We got to do a soda and candy sampling. He suckered me into purchasing several rounds of jelly beans, they even sell ‘insect candy’ at the shop as well!

Wine and Cheese Shoppe 

Also located in the Charley Creek Inn, the wine and cheese shop offers tastings and a wide variety of wines for purchase. The major feat was the fact they found a red wine that I actually liked!

Modoc’s Market

Modoc’s has a fascinating history and serves up a great cup of coffee. I had a great iced coffee and I was very pleased that the total didn’t totally empty my wallet.


I really enjoyed this little town falling in love with its cast of characters, I would recommend a trip to Walbash for anyone that wants to get away from the rat race of busy city life.

We were hosted by Wabash, Indiana for the purpose of this article, however, as always our opinions are our own.

A Guide to Wabash Indiana

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