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What an 8 year old thought of Crystal River, Florida

What an 8 year old thought of Crystal River, Florida

This is a blog written by Allison’s 8-year-old son, it is typed as it was told to her. No prompting was given. 

I went to Crystal River, Florida.

I went to Cracker’s and I tried fried clams and they were really good! You can order chips for an appetizer.

We went bike riding and we went 6 miles and we got really cool bikes and we got to see a lot of stuff and there is a playground close to the bike shop. We got to play on the playground and we got a lot of good pictures because the playground is really close to the water.

After our bike ride, we went to Motor City Pasta and Pizza Company. I tried fettuccine and it was okay.

We ate ice cream and I tried black cherry and it was real good!

Then we did an airboat tour. We saw a lot of birds and the captain was funny. I really liked when we went really fast. The water splashes you, it feels really good.

The hotel close to Christmas time is really beautiful, the lobby is really nice. Then we went to bed.

The front of the hotel

We went to Three Sister’s Springs and it was really nice and you can sometimes swim there. It is a nice walk, sometimes there are manatees there when the Gulf is cold.

The next day we swam with the manatees, I was really nervous when I first saw the water, then the captain asked what my name was. He said, that I could swim on his shoulder and the manatee was really cool and I liked the shallower part best because I got to see some snook and sheepshead fish and snook are really huge.

Me and my brother with Captain John

We had lunch next, and you could see the water and you could even pull up your boat and eat there. That was really cool.

Then we went to Ellie Schiller Homosassa Springs Wildlife State Park and they had a hippo and we saw a bald eagle and it was really cool because they put the American flag behind it.

Then we went a small beach, me and Bryce we built a really big moat but we didn’t have enough time to build the sandcastle that was with it. We wrote our name in the sand and the water took it out really fast.

We ate dinner at Cody’s Roadhouse and I tried shrimp on a stick and you can throw peanut shells on the floor. This is really cool because the use playing cards, you would have to tell them if you were hearts or anything like that and when they had a table for you, they called whatever your card was.

It is a long car trip from Louisville, Kentucky to Crystal River Florida. It is a long trip when you have to stop and stuff and the car ride is worth it and it was awesome.

Mrs. Musser

Monday 2nd of January 2017

[* Shield plugin marked this comment as "0". Reason: Human SPAM filter found "123@" in "author_email" *] That was a really great story Ayden! So glad you had a wonderful adventure. Sophie and I have swim with the manatees in the past. Crystal River is a beautiful place. See you soon.