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What to know about parasailing in Gulf Shores, Alabama

What to know about parasailing in Gulf Shores, Alabama

Before we headed to Gulf Shores, Alabama for our most recent trip, I was the only member of my family who had been parasailing before. We were on a mission to change that, and do more of an adventure sort of based trip, and that’s exactly what we did!

We were fortunate enough to go out with the Sky Surfer Parasailing crew. They were equal parts hilarious and knowledgeable. Safety was their number one priority and it was apparent in the instructions that they gave in the beginning along with the the remainder of our time together.

As a mom with a child that has been recently diagnosed with a medical condition that caused us to assess the particulars around any given situation that he is in, parasailing was an activity that was one that frankly scared me a bit.

However, we’ve been determined that (within reason) we would let him decide his comfort level in activities. It is important to note that while the crew of Sky Surfer Parasailing was informed of his diagnosis and were ok with his participation, he chose not to go up.

The beauty of Sky Surfer Parasailing is that you can bring people along and just pay an observers price if they want to come, and watch the action but don’t want to go up. I asked if once we got out on the boat if he changed his mind, if he would be able to go up and we could pay the difference between the observers price and the participant and that answer was yes.

How much does it cost to go parasailing with Sky Surfer Parasailing?

It is $84.99 per person who will be going up in the parasail. Those who just want to be observers have the option to go on the boat and watch and pay a reduced fee.

What is the minimum age to go up in the parasail?

This will likely change from company to company but at Sky Surfer Parasailing, the minimum age to go up in the chute is 4. However, all ages are welcome on the boat.

What is the boat ride like during the trip?

My family and I thought it was a ton of fun, but it is important to note that in order to get the parsail up and stay that way, the boat has to be going pretty fast.

I thought it was a ton of fun and so did my kids, but there was a younger girl on the boat that got pretty scared and didn’t enjoy that part, for what it is worth, it was her first time ever on a boat.

How long are you in the air?

I didn’t time it but I would guess around 10 mins. Which for me was plenty of time.

Do you go up alone?

The parasailing trips are either in groups of 2 or 3, depending on the group and balancing needs.

What do I need to bring with me when I go Parasailing?

We took towels, but didn’t end up needing them because while we got a little bit wet on our legs, the were totally dry by the time we got off the boat.

A bathing suit that you feel comfortable in, both being around people that you don’t know and knowing that you will be strapped into a harness system and a life jacket.

We didn’t bring a waterproof bag with us, but we were talking afterwards about how we wish we had brought it along. Just for peace of mind for our phones more than anything.

Can I buy photos or do I need my camera?

I can’t speak for other parasailing operators but, Sky Surfers offers a photo package with lots of fun pictures and they had the equipment to make sure that they were able to zoom in and get the good shots.

What is the tipping expectation when parasailing?

In general, it is expected to tip the guides, after all, their whole job is to keep you and your group safe and make sure that everyone has a good time.

We loved our time with the Sky Surfers group and they were nothing but professionals who were interested in keeping us safe as well as making sure that we had a ton of fun. Parasailing in Gulf Shores Alabama is a great way to enhance your family vacation!