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What’s So Special About Las Vegas?

What’s So Special About Las Vegas?

What’s so special about Las Vegas, you ask? Las Vegas is one of the top 10 US destinations. It has something for everyone and nobody does fun better than Vegas!

Let’s look at the top 10 reasons Las Vegas is so special!

Shop ‘till you drop

Las Vegas has all the greatest stores and malls just outside the Strip—The Town Square and the Fashion Show. There are shops within the hotels—Caesar’s Appian Way, Miracle Mile at Planet Hollywood, and Via Bellagio. The list goes on! You will find all the biggest store names, luxury brands, and even the outlets. Add to this list pawn shops, antique stores, and thrift stores.

Learn more at museums and galleries

You’ll find world-class museums on the atomic bomb, the Mob, and neon lights. There are auto collections, art galleries, and wildlife exhibits. Or try something funky like Madame Tussaud’s Wax Museum, The CSI experience, or Hershey’s Chocolate World.

The City never sleeps

There’s entertainment in every inch along the Strip. The casinos have on-going performers, comedians, and artists performing at all hours of the day. The City may not sleep but I did. I took a nap every afternoon so I could stay up late every night. (I am no longer young enough to party like a rock star!)

(Speaking of which) Party like a rock star

Attend a live concert or better yet attend a Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Camp? This special rock seminar allows you to join members who have performed and been a part of everyone’s favorite legendary bands. See what it’s like to record an album, shoot a video, and live like a rock star for a day. For info on the Rock n’ Roll Fantasy Camp check here.

Accommodations fit for a king

Las Vegas hotels are like no other, with all the major chains modeling their hotel after some famous landmark or object. Egyptian pyramid, Eiffel Tower, The Venice Canals! You can travel the world. The price runs the gamut from extravagant to frugal (just fewer amenities and further from the strip.) We stayed one block off the strip for free (all we paid were the taxes on the room.)


The center for great outdoor adventures

You can get to the Red Rock Canyon, Death Valley, and the Grand Canyon, Area 51, ghost towns, Native America reservations, and state parks are within a short driving distance. Las Vegas is a great base for visiting southern Utah’s “Mighty 5”—a remarkable quintet of National Parks made up of Arches, Zion, Bryce Canyon, Canyonlands and Capitol Reef.

Foodies paradise!

Party like a rock star then eat like a king! Las Vegas offers everything from a fantastic, little hole-in-the-wall gem to a 3-Michelin star restaurant. There are popular diners and dives that serve foot-long hot dogs, homemade burgers and shakes from scratch. From Chaiya Meditation Monastery Monthly Thai Food Fair to Restaurant Week in June, there is always something for foodies in Las Vegas.

Big-time people-watching

People-watching is my favorite free activity. There are plenty of people who flock to Las Vegas just to “be seen.” You’ll find plenty of interesting people along the Strip, in the shops, or better yet Fremont Street. Fremont Street is definitely not your typical vacation tourist spot. Along with the “Fremont Street Experience.” the outdoor mall’s light, movie, and music show on the ceiling, you’ll find a freak show of epic proportions.

The game’s the thing

When you think of Las Vegas, you think of “Casinos.” They’ve been glorified in films and on the small screen. And for good reason! They’re everything you’ve been told and more. The lights. The sounds. The pulsating energy. The million-to-one chance of striking it rich! You’ll love every fast-paced second of it.

It’s showtime!

If you don’t gamble away your vacation budget, you can spend all your time in Vegas watching all the world-renowned entertainment acts along the Strip. Las Vegas offers everything from Penn and Teller’s magic to and the high-flying acts of Cirque du Soleil. Then there’s the free entertainment like the Bellagio Fountains, the TI Sirens, and the Volcano at Caesar’s Palace.


Glitz, glamour, and gambling! Las Vegas has it all!  Where else in the world do you get all this and more?  Yes, Las Vegas is special!

There is more to Nevada than just Las Vegas.  Check out our post – 10 Must See Attractions in Nevada to find other great places to visit.