About Family Vacations U.S.

Hi there! I’m Allison Taylor, owner and founder of Family Vacations U.S.
I am a mom of two crazy boys and married to a firefighter, which adds a whole other element of crazy to the mix.

My love of travel, was born from painfully long road trips with my mom and dad as a child. Hello Kentucky to the Grand Canyon.

We still laugh about the crazy things that happened during these adventures. I also, showed horses growing up, which afforded me the chance to travel for various equestrian events.
About Family Vacations U.S.With two boys of my own, one of whom is a competitive runner. His races have taken us all over the country from Kansas to North Carolina and everywhere in between.

Along the way, I discovered I love sharing what has worked for my family and quite frankly what has been a near disaster.

Pro tip: a travel Hungry Hungry Hippos game is never a good idea for a road trip. You might just be left with crying kids because the game found itself out the side of the highway.

From dude ranch vacations to family trips to Disney World we have been on a wonderful variety of trips that we are so excited to share about.

You can expect to see more than just our trips on this site, I have been known to share a favorite family recipe, or products that the family has discovered that we are excited to tell our readers about.

I love to chat so if you want to get in contact you can email me directly!

 Allison: allison@familyvacationsus.com

About Family Vacations US. Allison and her family