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Why Travel Insurance may be the best purchase you make for your next vacation

Why Travel Insurance may be the best purchase you make for your next vacation

This post is sponsored by Allianz Global Assistance, however, all opinions are my own.

If you travel anything like I have been known to, chances are, saving money is at the top of your list. So, adding on something to your trip seems counterproductive to the saving money portion, right?

Right, until, you are wrong.

Laying in a hospital bed in the middle of Florida, after being injured on a family outing on your family vacation, is the very last way that anyone wants to spend their vacation.

But slipping over a wet spot at an amusement park, and tearing calf muscles happen while you are on vacation. Getting sick and being hundreds or even thousands of miles away from home happens.

You, know in theory…

Learning you need Travel Insurance the hard way.

Why do you need travel insurance

I learned the hard way that, cutting corners while planning for a vacation or just general time out of town, is not the smartest idea. You see, depending on your usual insurance coverage getting hurt while you are out of your coverage area could mean facing large medical bills upon your arrival home.

That’s what happened to me. I fretted the entire time that I was dealing with an injury that happened as a result of being clumsy at a slippery part of an amusement park.

So, instead of focusing on getting better, I worried about what I would be facing when I got home.

Enter Allianz Travel Insurance

Allianz has been providing affordable travel insurance options for families for many years. If you travel regularly, at all, then I urge you to consider the annual plans that Allianz offers. For an entire year,  you will benefit from emergency medical protection and emergency medical transportation protection while traveling—which is critical overseas where your personal health insurance may not work. Additionally, there are other benefits which include trip delay protection, baggage benefits, rental car damage protection, and a 24/7 assistance hotline to help with travel-related emergencies.

That’s peace of mind that is invaluable in terms of making sure that your trips go seamlessly. Which is not something that I recommend being a tightwad about. <– I can say that because I tend to go as cheaply as possible, on most everything. While there is something to be said about saving money when you can, making sure that your family is protected and safe, especially when you are away from your usual support system of medical professionals or the insurance agent that knows you and your children by name is worth so much.

I’ve already decided that Allianz will be the first thing that I pack when I start preparing for a trip with my family or solo.

Ever wonder if you really need travel insurance? We cover why you need travel insurance and how we learned this the hard way.