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why I blog

Why I blog.

Last updated on March 22nd, 2016 at 07:00 pm

I get asked on a pretty frequent basis why I blog, or more accurately how I find the time to blog. Tonight I really started to think about why I do what I do, so I thought I would share.

It is 8pm on a Monday night. My children are in bed and my husband is at a standing engagement. The dishwasher is humming along and there is a load of laundry in my washer.

I blog because I am often alone in the evenings.

Between my husband working 24 hour shifts (sometimes 48 if he takes overtime) and the fact that my kids are still small and go to bed pretty early.  I have the time, it’s my free time.

That’s why I blog. 

I listened to my toddler throw and epic tantrum for 30 mins over a very trivial issue. No amount of reasoning would satisfy him.

That’s why I blog. 

I have found a fantastic community of support in the other bloggers that I have encountered during my journey. It is fun to support other people who are on the same journey.

That’s why I blog.

When I was a little girl I always thought that I wanted to be a writer, but I never knew how to make it happen. Will blogging make me rich? Doubtful.  Writing about travel, which I love, fills a need for creativity.

That’s why I blog.

My little blog has been in existence less than a year and we have had some really good success along the way. I am proud of how things are going, and proud of myself for sticking with it, even when only a handful of people read a post that I am proud of!

That’s why I blog.

I love it.

That’s why I blog

If you are a blogger, I would love to hear why you do what you do? Do people think you are crazy for pour so much of yourself into it?




  • Shann Eva

    October 14, 2015 at 3:18 am

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    All excellent reasons to blog. I blog for many of the same ones. It helps me get creative, let my emotions out, and interact with other adults. I’ve only been at it for about 6 months, but I’ve also met some wonderful people. I really enjoy writing, and also the impact that I make on others’ lives. Thanks for sharing your reasons!

  • Sam - Journo and the Joker

    October 19, 2015 at 12:35 am

    I am a blogger. And honestly, I don’t think most people know how much time goes into it. If they did, they would think I’m crazy.
    Why do I do it? Because I am a writer – a journalist – but sometimes there is not a publishing avenue to tell the stories I want to tell – the personal ones the things that editors don’t really care about. I blog because I love to share people’s stories, through words and pictures.
    Keep it up.


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