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Why use a travel agent when you have the internet?

Why use a travel agent when you have the internet?

The simple biggest myth is that use of a travel agent’s services will cost you money. 

Virtually Everything a Travel Agent does for you is fee free.

  • A travel agency is compensated through commissions for the various products, ie hotel, cruise, all-inclusive, tour company etc. After all, how do you think all of these .coms exist? They earn commissions just like a travel agency with real people and real expertise.
  • That commission does not increase the cost of the product. Think of it this way: if you book directly, the supplier will keep all the money; if you choose to use a travel agent, the supplier will share a portion of the money with the agent.
  • There may be occasions in which the product can be found for a less expensive price, that usually has to do with someone (Expedia, etc) having purchased a bulk of the products and they’ve decided to sell it for less than the supplier is currently offering.
  • Typically the only thing that agents charge a fee for is handling buying an airline ticket. Virtually all airlines have eliminated any commission for selling their products.
    • There are few exceptions when this occurs: some international airfares can still be commissionable, if airfare is purchased as a part of the supplier’s package (through a cruise line etc) and while still not commissionable, usually if it is part of an all-inclusive resort package.

Why would someone ever work with a real person when you can go to and do it yourself?

  • DFS Travel, LLC works with So you can get all the same pricing AND get a real person.
  • In the unlikely event that something goes wrong with your trip, do you want to have the sole responsibility for dealing with the supplier to get it corrected or would you rather have an advocate that will work diligently to get the situation corrected?
    • Oh, so you say,, etc has an 800 number that you can call and you can get help that way? BAHHHAAA! Good luck with that one! Have you ever been able to speak with the same person at an 800 number…ever?

Travel Expertise

  • If you’re going to the same beach, renting the same hotel/condo/house that you’ve rented for the last 5 years, you should NOT use a travel agent. You are the expert at this vacation! Try to negotiate a better deal with the supplier you’ve been using for the last 5 years.
  • If you’re going to someplace new and exciting, a good travel agent will likely have expertise that you don’t have. Most people have not traveled to 6 of the 7 continents, but the agents with DFS Travel, LLC have! Hoping to make it to all 7 soon. Even travel agents have bucket lists!
  • Selecting the right travel agent is important. You want someone who has “been there done that.” Sadly, declaring yourself a travel agent is fairly easy. A traveler should interview the agent as much as a good agent should interview a potential client. A good agent will want to understand what the prospective client is looking for in the experience, and the traveler should interview the agent to make certain they have the experience to really guide them.
  • A good travel agent will not only guide you to the right product for the traveler, they will also give you advice and hints that are beyond what they’re being compensated to do. Also, a good travel agent will prepare all the necessary travel documents – preferably in a step by step dossier.

Save time

  • While some people really enjoy spending time doing travel research, the vast majority of us have other things to do!

Family Vacations U.S has chosen DFS Travel, LLC as our preferred travel agent. We know Jerry and Lisa on a personal level and have complete confidence that they would treat our readers the same way that they would treat their own family members. Jerry and Lisa have traveled more than anyone that we know, ourselves included and can help plan an absolutely memorable vacation for you and your family, all at no additional cost to you! Don’t worry about feeling like the trip you are planning isn’t worthy of a travel agent’s time, big or small, Jerry and Lisa of DFS Travel just want to help make your next vacation one to remember.

why use a travel agent when you have the internet? Hint: It's free...