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Why you should let your toddler help pack!

Why you should let your toddler help pack!

Before you start thinking that I am off of my meds, hear me out on this. Part of letting out children fly and making them less dependent on us, well it depends on us!

I have recently started asking my children to help me gather their own clothes before a trip. toddler-packing-list

I know that seems a little insane but hear me out. I do the packing for my entire family. Including for the dog to go to the kennel. When I pack us for a trip, especially a week long trip I am sure to (a)forget something and (b) be up the whole night packing.

Typically my kids are in and out asking if they can help. So one day I thought you know what, yes, yes you can help pack! I drew the items that they needed to find and put a number next to each item. My kids had a blast fetching the items that I requested. They love to help and have a job assigned to them so it worked really well.

Another huge part of packing is using the right kind of suitcase. I recently received the Ricardo Beverly Hills Roxberry 2.0 and I don’t think I can ever use another suitcase. It has hard sides so that you don’t have to worry about your valuables getting crushed. 4 spinner wheels so that rolling the suitcase is a breeze and a mobile office area that keeps your laptop (among other items) separate and safe.20160518_185200

Any suitcase that my kiddo can roll (easily) without my help is a winner is my book, because I likely am carrying multiple items in addition to attempting to roll my suitcase along behind me. Obviously if you give your kiddo a packing list like the one that I shared you will have to add in extra things (think tooth brushes, soaps and those types of things) but a large portion of their packing will be done for you!

So what do you think? Will you let your kiddos help you pack? Do you already let them help you?