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Top 10 Family Friendly Lake Destinations

Top 10 Family Friendly Lake Destinations

We are lake people, the more time we spend at the lake near our home the better! I can’t tell you why exactly we feel drawn to the lake. Maybe it is the fact the closest beach to us here in Kentucky is 8 hours away, assuming that no one has to go potty! So, because of the fact that we are lake people, we thought that a top 10 list was in order.  lake life

Top 10 Family Friendly Lake Destinations:

1. Lake Tahoe:  Topping our list is the well-known lake destination spanning both California and Nevada. Head to the Baldwin Beach area of the lake, bring your bikes with you or rent one for a family trail ride!

2. Lake George: Located in the Adirondack region of New York. If you are a fan of farmers markets, then you can’t miss this area! Lake George has a huge farmers market scene, think fresh fruits and veggies by the lake! Yum! This lake destination will help you and your family create memories for years to come.

3. Lake Tomahawk: This lake town in Michigan is fondly nicknamed “Nature’s Original Water Park.” Check out this list of 110 things to do in the area, a lot of them are free!

4. Lake Powell:  Gracing Utah and Arizona, this lake has been featured in many movies. Take a boat tour to Rainbow Bridge and check out the amazing National monument.  The scenery is so breathtaking you may never want to leave.

5. Lake Charles: This lake is can be found in Louisiana. When you get tired of the lazy lake days, head into town to take part in one of their many attractions.  Adventure Point is a great choice for family fun, where you and your family can get up close and personal with the culture of Louisiana.

6. Flathead Lake: Two words sum up why we think you should pay a visit to this Montana lake. Wild horses. It isn’t every day that you get the chance to see wild horses!

7. Lake Oconee: Located in Georgia, this beautiful lake has plenty of family-friendly attractions to keep your family busy! Consider renting a kayak or a canoe and explore the lake from a different angle with your kids!

8. Douglass Lake: Pack your bags for this Tennessee destination. Perhaps a boat rental for the day or two is just what the doctor ordered! Let all of the stresses of life slip away as you and your family visit this destination!

9. Lake Cumberland:  Plan a visit to Kentucky’s ‘wine country’ at this lake. This lake is bound to make even the grumpiest person in your family crack a smile or two!

10. Lake Lure:  Is your family adventurous? If you answered yes then this North Carolina lake is going to be just what your family needs to regroup and recharge! There are woods to explore and you can see the lake from a different vantage point, on top of Chimney Rock!

Our Top 10 Family Friendly Lake Destinations!